Fix now and pay at closing…

We provide a comprehensive solution for agents and their home sellers. With our unique payment structure, there are no upfront costs involved. This enables us to offer a service that prepares sellers’ homes for the market without any financial burden.

🏡 Pre-Listing Improvements & Repairs 🏡

Are you planning to sell your home? Make it stand out and sell faster with our pre-listing services!

Pay Until Closing: No upfront costs, and you pay when your home is sold.

 ✅ $0 Interest Charges: No interest fees to worry about.

 ✅ $0 Hidden Fees: Transparency throughout the process.

Boost your home’s value, increase your selling price, and minimize stress. Contact us today to get started!


Initial Consultation

The process begins with an initial consultation where we and your chosen real estate agent meet with the client to discuss their project requirements, budget, goals, and vision.


Project Assessment and Space Analysis

We conducts a thorough assessment of the space, taking measurements, photographs, and gathering any relevant information and architectural drawings or floor plans.


Contract Agrement & Project Begins

Based on the client's preferences and the information gathered during the assessment, we'll put all of resources to get your property market ready ASAP.


Your Home Gets Listed

We stay with you until your home is sold.

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